Scott Blakey BSc.

Geneticist and CBD Consultant

Scott Blakey (BSc. major in Psychology and Human Movement Studies from Melbourne University ­ 1981–1985) created and sold the Greenhouse Seed Company in Holland between 1992–1998. In that time he won many awards for strains which are still available from Mr. Nice Seedbank (MNS) in Europe today.

​In 2007 he co­founded the CBD crew, a scientific based breeding company that enriches Cannabis in CBD (cannabidiol) and simultaneously reduces the THC concentration – this research and production is for Medicinal purposes.

Strains for originating from recreational cannabis at MNS can be reviewed here:

Strains originating from scientific testing and trait breeding specifically for Cannabinoids, and owned by the CBD crew, are being refined and improved on a daily basis.

They are the very first CBD enriched seed company in the market ­ their reputation and the use of their genetics are renowned within the Industry. Strains such as: CBD Critical Mass, CBD Shark Shock, CBD Skunk Haze, and the latest high CBD low THC breed called CBD Therapy are all in use by Medical companies worldwide.

Participation with Licensed Companies includes

Switzerland – Ai Fame Appenzell, Stammbaum Gmbh, CH work with Scott’s CBD selected plants and MNS selected plants.

USA – MNS USA, Silver Apothecary Colorado, Colorado CBD extractors, Oakland Dispensary etc.

Uruguay – ICC is selecting phenotypes for registration and use in extractions for registered farmers.

Spain – Canna Fundacion in Valencia does all our lab testing, from where we supply our genetics to an extensive list of companies (Barneys Farm, Paradise Seeds, Dutch Passion, Medical Seeds, THSeeds, etc.).

Holland – all Dutch Seed companies buy the CBD crew seed as we customize it for each company. E.g. specifically with Barend Hak for researching terpenes and cannabinoids and this is proving beneficial for possible drug supplements in the future.

UK – Seedsman, Basil Brush, and Avalon are distributing companies and sell all seed and cosmetic and medical tinctures we produce in Spain.

Australia – Several companies mainly from the Hemp industry are showing an interest to license our strain CBD Therapy.

Canada – Greenex, Tweed, and several other concerns have purchased our genetics to work in their authorised Health Canada areas. We are in the process and have acquired Phyto Sanitary certification to export our seed products from Spain.

Slovenia – Working with PharmaHemp as an agent for their CO2 CBD extraction concentrates.

Israel – Al Vit Pharma and an ex Teva pharmacologist team ­ specifically with Yoram Sela who sources base product.

​​​Scott also works with:

• WERC Shop in California and Washington State in the USA, which perform testing and is owned by Jeff Raber PhD.

• The Canna Fundacion in Valencia, Spain, does all Scott’s European lab testing based from Valencia University.

• Scott’s work with the CBD crew has developed rapidly due to the huge interest in the Medical market including: Child epilepsy, MS, cancer and seizure patients in recent years.

• Their office based in Barcelona is open from 11 am to 4 pm and is manned by 2 Consultants for medical patients.

Key Achievements

1995 – Founded the ‘Greenhouse Seed Company’ in Amsterdam, Holland. Created one new variety of hemp called White Widow.

1996 – Awarded several prizes for seed varieties from the HTCC. Created one new variety of hemp called White Rhino. (A tribute to the research on Medical Marijuana). Donated cannabis to associations of terminally ill patients including AIDS, MS, Cancer and Glaucoma.

1997 – Awarded 2nd place in the ‘Best Seed Company’ category. Worked on stabilizing hemp varieties and advanced breeding programs.

1998 – Awarded 1st place in the ‘Best Seed Company’ category for the HTCC awards. Worked in Germany, England, Spain, Italy, Belgium and Switzerland selling seed and their products. Acted as an advisor for agricultural techniques to these countries especially on hydroponic growing techniques.

2000 – The new millennium brought the plan to begin a Swiss­based Research and Development Company with keen interests in Medical applications and Pharmacological applications, as well as the ongoing stabilization of sub­species and plant breeding.

2001 – Gene Bank Technology or GBT set up in Ticino – Vice President. Our role was: to make essential flower oil for Body shop USA base product; clone production and sales; harvest several farm crops per year covering 9 acres, both greenhouse and outdoor.

2002 – Increased business and collaboration with Professor Grassi in Rovigo, Italy.

2003–2007 – Focused on R&D of genetics and the improvement of production capacities – consultation led to crops / harvests of 20–40 Tonnes per annum.

2008–2009 – Began research in CBD with Resin Seeds and founded the CBD crew company ­ CBD crew came onto the market as the world’s first CBD enriched seed company.

2010–2013 – CBD crew begins to make CBD strains while selling seeds to worldwide projects in 10 or more countries. MNS begins to produce for wholesale and research markets. Develop a series of recipes for 2 pills, 3 tinctures and a cosmetic CBD line in Spain in partnership with a Chemist.

2014 – MNS and CBD crew seed companies take hold in the high­end and scientific markets, and secure a strong reputation based on real science and collaboration with several laboratories in Europe. MNS received a 502 license in Washington State (USA) for recreational production of a 3,000 M2 greenhouse. MNS signs distribution contract with USA.

2015 – Additional licenses for production awarded in Colorado and Oregon. Seed production used to supply European companies and for R&D. The WA 502 license allows us to begin clone sales to other 502 licenses and we begin production of 2 pills and 3 tinctures for the medical markets. Also produced a series of cosmetic products for superficial use, for which all R&D was conducted in Europe whilst working closely with the Wercshop labs in California and Washington Sates.

2016–2019 – Concentrating on animal products with CBD, as well as continuing production in Spain, Portugal issued a license for 200 acres production of Cannabis, consulting for Australian, Dutch, German, Czech Republic, Slovenia and French companies all in Hemp industry…

Many Testimonials can be provided upon request.

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