Jane Lewis,

„That’s the best CBD oil I have ever tested. And it really works, I use it to fight my headaches and menstruation pain, it eases the pain straight away.

Tracy Blunt,
The Netherlands

“Love, love, love… I would recommend the CBD oil 6% it works and the smell of the terpenes is awesome!”

Tom Harris,
The United Kingdom

“My doctor recommended this CBD oil to me because of the chronic pain I have. I also suffer from anxiety and depression. After trying the oil, it has changed my life…I used the other brand drops and they did absolutely nothing for me. I will forever purchase my products from this company.”

Sonja Vrajik,

“Wonderful products and friendly, knowledgeable people. I have loved every product we have tried and the results are amazing. We highly recommend them.”

Peter Simms,

“1st dose of Rebound and pain-free from neuropathy. I hope this continues to work. All natural and no hidden ingredients. Thank you so much! Lifetime customer.”

Emy Johanson,
The United Kingdom

“I’ve been using the CBD oil for just about 3 days now and can already see improvement with the bursitis in my hip along with other body aches and pains. Thank you!”


“I had seen the products online but when I met the team in person they were so warm and helpful. I told them about my years of extreme sports injuries and also about my growing family’s needs – we have a really wonderful child with hyperactivity and attention issues (a sign of our technologically dependent times).

We have all steadily been using these products first the salves and then once the oils were available. In fact the 6% oil really helped us when our 14 year old Rottweiler entered his final years, it really eased his suffering and improved his quality of life, The icing on the cake was meeting Scott Blakey himself in person at Cannafest, what an honour to meet such a legend and innovator.”


“I was lucky in March 2018 to meet the team and discussed a problem I had of oncoming Glaucoma. The pressure behind my eyes had been increasing and causing a lot of pain. I ordered both the 6% CBD Oil but also had a bottle of the CBD capsules.

Life then took another twist as went in to hospital for major facial surgery. From the moment I came out of surgery I took 4–5 drops of the CBD oil during the day and a capsule at night. The relief was instant and really helped with both the discomfort but also had an amazing calming effect during this stressful time. I kept this up during the next month and to the shock of the surgeon and consultant the scar healing process was so fast they struggled to understand, also I had no pain killers at all even though they kept offering me them! Even though at this early stage I was not allowed to rub the oil on the skin it was working very effectively taken orally. 6 months on I know use on the scars which look great and still enjoy the benefits of a couple of drops twice a day.

The second effect and the primary initial reason for trying CBD was my eyes and from the moment I started taking the oil following my operation the pain stopped in my eyes! I have been back for tests now twice during the last 6 months and have been given the all clear! The need to take eye drops for the rest of my life or requiring laser surgery has been ruled out as the pressure behind both eyes are back to a normal range. CBD is now a very effective way for me to manage this long term with all the extra benefits I get.

I would like to say a special thank you to Scott and the team for all their help.”


“I gave the vape kit design by Scott Blakey to my auntie who has been taking sleeping tablets and pain relief for many years. She has only after 1 week completely come off the medication, sleeps like a baby and feels like a dark cloak has been lifted. She is absolutely amazed.

My auntie gave me the unit back for the weekend and found that the pain returned after two days of not using the product. She was taking 8 codeine and paracetamols per day and 1 sleeping tablet at night.

She now takes NO medication in only 1 week of use. I gave her the vape back and she can already tell she is using it again.”


“Hi! I just wanted to let you guys know how well I am doing with your oil! I chatted to you in Spannabis this year, and I told you how my anxiety was so bad I sometimes struggled to leave the house. I used to take pills for my depression and anxiety that gave me psychosis.

Today I went into a packed down to go shopping! I even went into the busiest stores that usually cause me to have a panic attack before I even get in there! I felt NOTHING!!! I have been so calm since taking your oil I can even go places on my own, I’ve started my new job and I am at peace with myself and so calm I can’t quite believe it! I am also free from insomnia which has troubled me for numerous years!!

I also went to a night club for the first time in YEARS last night and not even a slight twinge of nerves! I even managed to walk through the club to use the bathroom on my own! This stuff is amazing!!!!

Thank you so much for such an amazing product!!!!”


“I was starting to lose hope with cannabis wondering if it could actually help me with my pain or is it just good for getting high (not that that’s a bad thing ;).

But after our last conversation I went ahead and purchased some of your 6% cbd oil, I have been using it for the last week and Finally!!! I am amazed at how well it has helped me compared to the other cbd product I have purchased, Yes the taste is peppery but damn it’s amazing, a real life changer.

Last year was the hardest year I have had to deal with, losing my Mum to cancer and finally being diagnosed with fibromyalgia after 7 years of pain, fatigue and being made to feel like it was in my head!!

Thank you some much for doing what you do! It’s has inspired me to move forward in life with my head held high and say yes I use cannabis to help manage my pain and it works!!”


“First I have to say what an incredibly high quality product your 6% oil is. So authentic to the plant and with a high level of complexity.

I suffer from several autoimmune symptoms (due to a faulty immune system), which are very similar to those who have Lyme disease + fibromyalgia – such as muscle pain/tension, joint pain, fatigue, fever, nausea, headaches/migraine, brain fog, difficulty concentrating, allergies and skin rashes, bleeding gums and lack of strength. It is a cellular + metabolic issue.

My symptoms vary in intensity + some periods are reasonably fine, but at other times I have to stay in bed and sleep for several days with chronic pain etc.

I have tried to balance my health for many years with organic + nutritional food, homeopathy, dietary supplements, alternative treatments and yoga etc.

This lifestyle has helped me, but I have never been able to reach a real depth and proper stability. But this has changed with your CBD oil – I can feel strength returning at the core of my body and regeneration slowly taking place.

After 10 months of trying out many different approved CBD oils from several EU countries – your oil is the first that reduces stress in my body and calms and supports it. It works on a deeper level.

Already from the first day I could feel a change – my muscles relaxed and my head felt clearer. After a week there is a definite improvement to my skin, gums and energy level and I have not had any headaches or nausea at all. Although I am experiencing only a small reduction in my muscle and joint pain, I am aware that this will take longer to fully reach the root of the problem, but there is a small change + therefore hope – I just have to take the oil for a longer period of time. This is the best I have felt for a long time. Unbelievable!

Dosage info: I started taking 2 drops once a day and then slowly increased the dosage to 2 drops x 2 daily + then 3 x daily. I will continue to evaluate the dosage needed over the next months. I will keep you posted.”


“Just took 3 drops of your CBD oil 6% and must say I am very impressed!

I was recently misdiagnosed with lung cancer – I actually had cryptogenic organising pneumonia – and am currently de-toxing from morphine prescribed medically. Instantly I know that this oil is going to help me with this process and already after just twenty minutes feel that I will not need to continue my tapering off program from Oramorph at al. Incredible!”


“I have tried other CBD oils in the past and they actually had an adverse effect on me so I was quite apprehensive in trying it again. A good friend of mine recommended I try your CDB oil and to my pleasant surprise I got the results I was hoping for.

I have been suffering from gastro-intestinal issues for 2 years now that still go undiagnosed – my symptoms range from mild abdominal discomfort to severe insomnia, inflammation, nausea and pain. I have tried so many remedies including antibiotics (which made things much worse). I have also been taking a plethora of natural herbs which have been helping mildly.

Since I have been taking your CDB oil my symptoms have subsided significantly and I can sleep much better. The oil has also been helping massively with my moods and puts me in a more resourceful state to be able to deal with pain and get on with my day.

I would recommend this to everyone – in fact I have ordered another 3 bottles to give to my grandmother who suffers from Parkinson’s and also to other members of my family who are in a lot of pain.

Really looking forward to see the results!”

STUART, age 42

Which product did you try?

“CBD oil 6% and the 3%

I am a quadriplegic after breaking my neck in a diving accident C5, C6 & C7. I suffered and incomplete lesion to the spinal cord at C7. This has left me suffering from sum pain and a lot of spasms. I also suffer from an autoimmune disease HS which is incredibly painful.

I felt the difference the day I started using the oils. I used a couple of drops.

I only increase the dosage if I am having a day of increased spasm or pain.

As well as improvements in my pain and spasm I do notice an al round improvement in my well being, partly due to being in less pain I am sure but more than that I seem a bit more chilled and less stressed as well as maybe a little more focused.

I have tried many CBD products before. I have tried isolates, waxes, vape liquids and hemp buds from a few different sources. The CBD Oil from your company has much more effect on me and makes me wonder of the true potency of some of the products I have tried previously as they had no noticeable affect and claimed to be a lot higher in percentage some as much as 95% and I am not sure of their content or if in fact there was any CBD looking back.

I love the taste. It tastes exactly how I remember the plant smelling.”

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